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Welcome to
KinCare Assisted Living


Assisted Living in San Antonio, TX

Welcome to KinCare! The best Residential Care Facility in the heart of San Antonio. When a loved one needs increasing help with activities of daily living (bathing, grooming, dressing, mobility, meals, supervision of medication, etc.) and caring for them yourself becomes difficult, look no further than our trustworthy community. We are here to provide that assistance while your loved one continues to live in a warm home-like environment.

Hood, A.

"My Mom has been a resident here for the past 4 years. The staff is wonderful, friendly and helpful. The facility is clean and has a welcoming feel to it. The new owners are real loving and caring and my mom adores them."

Tavarez, C.

"Every time I go, as I enter, I can feel the love and warmth from the staff. They always make me feel welcome and at home. A great place to have family members in need of assistance to stay.

Couve, A.

"Hands down one of the best assisted living’s in San Antonio. The staff has been working here for years and the care that they give their patients is impeccable. In addition, the owners are very hands on and make sure that their residents are properly cared for".
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